The first signs of Spring are in the air – the nights are starting to get lighter, the daffodils are making an appearance and we even saw the first lambs of the year earlier this week.

What does all this mean? That we’re heading into the busy and exciting peak wedding months of course! Obviously, it’s our favourite time of the year…

This month we’re sharing with you our predictions on the bridal trends that we think are going to be popular throughout 2019.

3D flowers

A special shout out to @london_paper_crafts  who commented on our post on Instagram giving their view on Wedding Trend predictions for the upcoming season, Two in one dresses and 3D flowers/lace.

That is also sure to be a big trend coming through and Thank you so much for your contribution.

2020 is going to be a big one!

The first trend we’ve noticed is more of an observation that some brides have decided that 2020 is going to be THE year. More than ever for this time of year we’re seeing several early-bird brides who are booked in already for their 2020 wedding gowns. We can’t put our finger on why, perhaps it’s just the fact that it’s a big round number, but 2020 is already shaping up to be a busy year!

Femininity and geometric heaven

We’re definitely seeing a move towards a very soft, feminine, unstructured style of dress with a delicate geometric pattern in the lace or in the panelling. We’re seeing that often the skirt section flows from the waist and has separate panels or long columns of ribbons stitched down to give an abstract lace pattern.

Soft flowing fabrics are increasingly being used, like chiffon and chantilly lace, again with a geometric pattern.

We’re also seeing a trend towards skirt shapes that are made up of numerous layers to give movement and volume to the hemline.

This is being achieved by layers of very fine tulle, chiffon and habotai silk lining. The effect is wonderfully romantic and feminine and a defined move away from the stiff ball gown-shaped skirts.

As ever, trains are continuing to be popular.   When else do you get the opportunity to wear something so dramatic and magnificent?

Necklines are plunging

The neckline is plunging, perhaps even lower than it has before, getting low and quite daring. Even as low as the waist. Think a sharp V shape and you’ve got the idea. This is a wonderful way of creating the illusion of height as the strong vertical line draws the eye up the body.

We talk about these sorts of effects with all our brides – it’s an important aspect to think about when selecting the style of your dress as the various styling details will have a very different effect depending on your body type.

Beautiful back necklines to wow your guests

The back neckline trend continues to be strong this year. This wonderful style is the illusion or filled-in back neckline panel in a lace or sheer fabric.

It’s such a great idea as it’s the back of the dress your guests are going to be looking at during the ceremony!

This panel looks stunning when the same lace design from the skirt has been used, which also gives a completely cohesive style throughout.

We think this is a trend that isn’t in any rush to move on, which we’re grateful for as we love creating these stunning pieces.

So in summary, this year expect to see a lot of feminine wedding gowns using soft-flowing fabrics with either a deep neckline or strong back neckline.

We’re excited to see how the year unfolds and what new trends emerge throughout this wedding season.

We’d love to know what you think about the emerging bridal trends for 2019 too. Remember to follow our hashtag #MyBestMe on Instagram and share your thoughts on bridal trends with us.

Whatever the trends, we wish you all an exciting and very happy wedding season!