The story of a real-life Lesley Cutler bride

Every Lesley Cutler bride has a unique story. Choosing to have your bridal gown handmade is a truly special experience and our brides come on such an incredible journey with us that we want to share some of their experiences with you!

Kate came to us to have her wedding dress custom-made for her big day in December 2018. Here’s her story:

Why did you decide to have your wedding dress custom-made?

“Because I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere!”

Why did you choose Lesley Cutler Bridal Wear?

“The website was amazing and after the first consultation meeting I knew Lesley was the one. I knew I wouldn’t be pleased with anyone else creating my dress.”

What was your vision for your wedding dress?

“My main vision was to have a dress like Kate Middleton.”

What was it like seeing the style and shape of the dress for the first time at your toile mock up fitting?

“It was breathtaking and it looked exactly how I wanted it to look.”

Did anything surprise you about the process of having a wedding dress custom made?

“It was completely drama-free and the least traumatic part of the wedding!”

How did it feel to try on your wedding dress for the first time?

“Incredible, I felt like a bride, literally perfect, stunning!”

What did you enjoy about the process of having your wedding dress custom made?

“I loved having control over all stages of the process and having input from my mum and Bridesmaid was invaluable”.

Who did you bring with you to your final dress fitting and why?

“I brought my Mum and Bridesmaid as they were also having a dress and coat made by Lesley.”

What was it like to try on your finished wedding dress? How did it make you feel?

“It was such a personal experience. The time is special and you’re not sharing it with anyone else. My Mum cried as she was so happy! I did say to Lesley she would probably have to have me surgically removed from my dress because I loved it so much!

The word perfect was used at every fitting, I know it’s an over-used word but it was so true!”

How did you feel in your wedding dress on your wedding day?

“We had the best day of our lives ! The dresses – all four of them were perfect, I don’t know where to begin to start!! Thank you to Lesley for making my dreams become a reality. She truly is the best. And not forgetting my mother’s perfect coat. Lesley is the most talented lady and I feel blessed to have found her!
And since the wedding I’m falling in love with my dress all over again as Lesley and her team are creating an evening dress for me! I’ll never be able to thank Lesley enough for making the dress (and a second) of my dreams!”

Kate was a stunning bride who looked truly radiant in her finished bridal gown. Every time we see one of our brides on their final dress fitting it brings us so much joy to see the happiness on their faces. Who wouldn’t want to feel like this?

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