Let’s create an heirloom and using the fabric from your wedding dress create a stunning gown to be passed down to your children and their future children. This is such a wonderful age old tradition that utilises the fabric from your dress to create an exquisite and beautiful timeless piece.   Whilst this is an age old tradition, it is also an extremely considerate way of reusing the fabric in a sustainable manner and helping preserve our planet for the future.

The gown is traditionally made from the fabric of the wedding gown.  This is taken in an extremely sensitive manner so as to preserve the look and beauty of the wedding dress.

After all your wedding dress is very special to you and we appreciate this.

christening gown

We have made christening gowns for baby boys and girls, each version having a detachable over skirt to give a beautiful line when the baby is held in front of the font for the baptism.

The over layer is later removed after the ceremony, giving the babies the freedom to crawl and move around and do what babies love doing best of all.

The baby boy will be wearing a stunning short legged romper suit and the baby girl is wearing a pretty dress.